A podcast for First Gen who want to break cycles, lead with confidence and make more money doing it. Hosted by certified leadership coach Mariela De La Mora.





The home for First Gen and women of color who are breaking generational cycles and glass ceilings by going places no one before them has ever gone.

Your host Mariela will dive deep into the tools and coaching our community needs to break free from operating in survival mode, to lead with confidence, and make more money doing it. Each week, she and her guests will share business, mindset and leadership coaching that is focused on the lived experiences of First Gen. Because let's be real - daughters of immigrants need to be coached differently.

With each episode, Mariela hopes to move closer to that reality. We’ll cover topics that will help you become an unstoppable, badass, money-making leader who knows her worth and has the receipts to show for it.

Meet the Host

As the eldest daughter of immigrants, Mariela has broken countless generational cycles and helped over 100 women do the same.

What would the world be like if first generation women were at the top of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?

She left a 16 year career as a Marketing Executive where she was the only WOC, to now coaching 6-7 figure CEOs and high ranking women at organizations like Google, Microsoft and the United Nations. Using the tools she teaches, she has since built close to a million-dollar business as a single mom.