About Mariela

She is a powerful speaker, workshop facilitator and storyteller who will inspire and provide actionable guidance when it comes to topics of: women of color in leadership, emotional intelligence, uncovering your thought leadership and Sellable Stories, building an authentic brand, and breaking generational cycles as First Gen.

As a single mother and eldest daughter of immigrants, Mariela achieved conventional success as a Marketing Director by ticking off every box that was ‘expected’, but healing generational trauma and reclaiming herself allowed her to forge a new path. She now helps women to trust themselves deeply, lead with impact and become powerful influential figures. 

She believes the most powerful thing you can do, especially if you’re a woman of color, is to build your personal brand and share your story. Because when you’re in demand for your story and your perspectives, that’s when opportunities come to you and no one can take that away from you.

Mariela has moved
entire rooms to tears and to empowered action.

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She has worked with 6-7 figure CEOs as well as women leaders at Google, Microsoft and the United Nations.

By helping women understand why they've been conditioned to play small, they are able to reclaim their voices and become confident, emotionally intelligent industry leaders.

She spent 16 years as a Marketing Director leading international teams. As the eldest daughter of Mexican immigrants, she was often the only WOC in senior leadership and had to break past systemic and mindset barriers to do it. 

She has since built a 3/4 of a million-dollar business as a single mom, and served dozens of clients across the world.

Mariela is a leadership coach who elevates WOC to in-demand thought leaders with unshakeable self trust through mindset, marketing and emotional intelligence.

Meet Mariela

Podcast Features



General Assembly Panel 

April 2021 - "Authentic Marketing: How Brands Stay Real With Customers"

Sol Sisters Evolve Leadership Conference

August 2023 

Quickbooks at Intuit Innovation Summit

October 2023 - “Mind The Business” Guest Expert Interview

Mulesoft Global Conference

August 2021 - “Developing a Growth Mindset and Emotional Intelligence” & “Having Difficult Leadership Conversations”

The Dream Lab Conference, NY

September 2021 - “Reclaiming Our Power as Daughters of Immigrants”


Overcoming Common First Gen Trauma Responses in Entrepreneurship

Uncovering your Sellable Stories and Thought Leadership

Leadership for Women of Color and First Gen

Using Emotional Intelligence to identify your leadership blind spots

How to Build an Authentic, Purpose-Driven Brand

 She has been a speaker and workshop facilitator for Salesforce, General Assembly and professional development conferences for women of color across the country.

Mariela commands a room with her wisdom, powerful storytelling, and her ability to turn complexity into simple, inspired action.

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