Become an unshakeable, money making powerhouse in 6 months.

Leadership and emotional intelligence (EQ) coaching for professional women who want to become confident, influential leaders in their organizations. Or, business coaching for entrepreneurs who want to book out 5-figure offers through thought leadership.

Mariela has privately coached over 100 women leaders at Microsoft, Google, United Nations, as well as entrepreneurs on Day One of their journey all the way up to the multiple 7 figure level.

For more established entrepreneurs looking to double their demand through thought leadership, get booked out, and expand to six- and multiple-six figures per year with a single-offer launch optional business

Who private coaching is for:

For corporate women generally want to become more confident, influential leaders in their organizations or are growing a new division or team. 

For brand new coaches, consultants and service providers looking to establish your brand, offer and book your first clients

Broken generational patterns of survival and scarcity

Booked out their businesses

Confidently stepped into people management and leading a team at tech startups

Launched groundbreaking new divisions and products

Hit multiple 5 figure MONTHS and 7 figure YEARS

Gone from solopreneur to CEO of 6-person agency

Hit multiple five figure MONTHS and 7 figure YEARS


7-figure CEO, Speaker & Life Coach

I'm finally with my dream team and feel like I am the boss I always hoped to be.

Fast forward to 3 years later, I have my dream team and have learnt so much from her about being a good boss and managing people.

Mariela provided me with an unexplainable amount of help over the last 3 years. I love being a CEO, but managing people is not my strength and she helped me anchor into the boss that I am today.

I'm finally with my dream team and feel like I am the boss I always hoped to be: fun but also firm, respected and also loved. I struggled in the past with giving criticism or pulling my employees up but now I feel so at ease when I have to do it and know HOW to do it.

She helped me build better systems, create more structure, and most importantly, by being in a long-term container with her, she KNEW ME. She knew my behavior and what it correlated to. She understood my needs even when I couldn't explain them. Mariela's help ensured that I built a stronger back end to support my growth. She ensured I continuously upleveled the foundations of my business to create a business that supported my desires in life.

She welcomed my rants, tears and frustrations of being a leader without any judgment. I always felt like I couldn't just speak my mind because she always knew what I meant.

Her Mother Energy is DIVINE when you're a female leader. Half the time you just want to be seen, and Mariela does that.

Content Coach & Consultant


There are very few people in my life I consider memorable mentors and Mariela is one of them. With her, I recognized I had been operating my businesses from survival mode. I now lead conversations with thought-leadership and have never looked back since. 

Mariela helped me own my voice and conquer fears by grounding myself in unshakable self-trust. She helped me recognize that I've always been an expert at my craft and all I had to do was practice showing up as her. She also introduced me to her circle of powerhouse clients where I felt safe to be seen and connect with like-minded women building businesses. 

Mariela uplifts and empowers her clients, community, and everyone around her. Her work comes from a place of love. This is how her clients become the best version of themselves and become in-demand. My energy is different with everything I do. I feel safe to be seen and heard for the first time in my life. Mariela empowered me to have healing conversations within my family, form healthy boundaries in my life and in my business. My relationships are better than ever.

Mariela helped me see who I am and brought out all of the best parts of me. She helped me heal. She helped me shine my light. And now, I'm on my way to help others do the same.”

Founder of The Sweat Report

My mindset is lightyears ahead of where I was a year ago.

Our first year working together was the most challenging of my life. Between grief, burnout, identity shifting — starting a business from this energy was incredibly tumultuous. But we made progress until I was ready to step into the identity of a business owner.

Without Mariela's help, I feel strongly that I would have become overwhelmed and let my business sit for another year completely untouched, creating a cycle of shame and guilt. 

Our sessions uncovered so much empathy for myself and forced me to take a step back and look at myself as a whole person. She encouraged me not to give up even when I was overwhelmed, and helped me see that I need help and hire an assistant.

My sincerest gratitude for all your help and input, Mariela!

Danilae Smith
Systems Strategist


She also helped me solidify my business’ offers and work through mind drama around being a successful entrepreneur. 

It was like working with a friend who wasn't afraid to tell you the hard shit. A friend who was supportive, your biggest cheerleader, AND KNEW WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT. This wasn't just blind advice, it was EXPERIENCE she was oozing into me.

Mariela gave me permission to be myself and do it my own way, and to show up how I wanted vs who I thought I needed to be.

Working together allowed me to dream and explore new ideas as a manifesting generator and someone with ADHD, while keeping me grounded. She was that perfect balance for me, allowing me to explore interests while keeping me focused.

PR & Visibility Advisor, Founder of HN Brands

Working with Mariela was hands down one of the best investments I've made in my business yet. 

I approached her because I trust her, and I knew she could help support me with the expansion of the brand when it came to leadership.

Mariela helped me by providing me and my team with actionable and intentional leadership skills that will impact our business in years to come.

Having her support me in this capacity has helped set the foundation I needed. With her help, we hired 3 full-time employees within a few months, and since then our revenue has tripled each month. We are even developing leaders on our team now.

Our time together was incredible! Mariela is a wealth of knowledge, she holds space when you need it and gives actionable advice and feedback.

Senior Leader, United Nations

Mariela was a constant source of new ideas and encouragement during some of the toughest moments in my new role.

Mariela was by my side during one of the most important chapters of my life, having just started a managerial position within the United Nations. I lead a team of 100 people, and the project I manage is now so successful that the donor has decided to double the amount of funding. I honestly don’t think this would be possible without Mariela’s guidance.

I approached Mariela feeling totally overwhelmed. I had to set up systems, recruit and train a huge number of staff in a short period of time, with the pressure to perform as a young woman in a patriarchal industry.

She helped me find my voice and creativity in the rigid, hierarchical workplace setting. Thanks to her support I was able to make real change within my team. As a result, my team is more collaborative, open, inspired and we can all work as our best selves.

With her support, I was able to grow my leadership skills and leverage my strengths, while also learning to become more assertive and navigate difficult conversations with staff members. 

Mariela’s focus on balance and health has kept me sane, and I found in her much more than a coach, but a friend and ally. I felt extremely supported and empowered throughout the time we worked together, and I hope to continue working with her in the future as I build my career in the United Nations.

gaia b.
Itzy Canales
Confidence Coach & Influencer

Working with Mariela was one of the best decisions I made. She brought a unique first-gen perspective not many coaches offered.

I've had business coaches who helped me strategize and land my first clients, but Mariela’s approach allowed space for healing and recognizing patterns in life that were showing up in my business.

She highlighted strengths I may not have recognized and allowed me to see my coaching business was one of a kind. Mariela helped me recognize my expertise that I sometimes took for granted. She also helped me honor my capacity and not reach the point of burnout I usually found myself in.

I feel more comfortable making decisions and bouncing back from self-doubt. I spend more time enjoying my life on the weekends and trusting myself when coaching my clients.

The work Mariela is doing is transformative. She has a natural gift. She held me to a high standard and not only helped me with my business and life but also inner-child healing.

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