Helping women of color leaders break ceilings in their industries, and their lineage

Make more money for who you are, in a community that centers the lived experiences of First Gen and women of color.

Reclamation Mastermind

Become a peacefully booked out, in-demand thought leader without “doing the most”

Leadership and emotional intelligence (EQ) coaching for professional women who want to become confident, influential leaders in their organizations. Or, business coaching for entrepreneurs who want to book out 5-figure offers through thought leadership.


Become an unshakeable powerhouse in 6 months.






The home for First Gen and women of color who are breaking generational cycles and glass ceilings by going places no one before them has ever gone.

Each week, your host Mariela will share actionable tools and coaching our community needs to break free from operating in survival mode, to lead with confidence, and make more money doing it. 

Cycle Breakers & Money Makers Podcast

Senior Leader, United Nations

Mariela was a constant source of new ideas and encouragement during some of the toughest moments in my new role.

She helped me find my voice and creativity in the rigid, hierarchical workplace setting. Thanks to her support I was able to make real change within my team. As a result, my team is more collaborative, open, inspired and we can all work as our best selves.

Gaia B.
Leadership Coach for First Gen

I went from making 5k last year to over 50k in our first six months together. 

I never thought I’d be where I am right now, the amount of money I’ve made and the clients I've worked with. I just never imagined it, but she's always imagined it for me. 
I got better at sales calls. I have more balance. I get more sleep. I believe in myself more. Being a mother is hard and she normalized struggles I was having as a solo mama. 

Rosa Revuelta
Founder of The Sweat Report

Without Mariela's help, I feel strongly that I would have become overwhelmed and let my business sit for another year completely untouched, creating a cycle of shame and guilt.

Our sessions uncovered so much empathy for myself and forced me to take a step back and look at myself as a whole person. She encouraged me not to give up even when I was overwhelmed, and helped me see that I need help and hire an assistant.

Danilae Smith

My clients have…

  • Booked out their businesses
  • Launched groundbreaking new divisions at the United Nations
  • Gone from solopreneur to CEO of 6-person agency
  • Hit multiple five figure MONTHS and 7 figure YEARS
  • Had healing conversations with their immigrant parents and learned to love and trust themselves more than ever. 
  • Confidently stepped into people management and leading a team at tech startups

My clients have, quite literally, changed their lives permanently - and their stories show it.


  • Uncovering your Sellable Stories and Thought Leadership
  • Leadership for Women of Color and First Gen
  • Using Emotional Intelligence to identify your leadership blind spots
  • How to Build an Authentic, Purpose-Driven Brand
  • Overcoming Common First Gen Trauma Responses in Entrepreneurship

Mariela commands a room and has moved hundreds to inspired action and to tears

She has been a speaker and workshop facilitator for Salesforce, QuickBooks, General Assembly and professional development conferences for women of color across the country.