Wednesday, may 15th
12 PST / 3 EST

5 Steps to Create Trust & Demand from 5 Figure Clients

with unf*ckwithable self trust and grounded energy

How to become the only expert your clients are even considering

In this workshop you’ll learn…

The missing pieces WOC need to hit quarter million years that have nothing to do with strategy

Why the minds of so many WOC entrepreneurs are cluttered with "dos and donts" and how this affects demand

How you can have clients coming to you *expecting* to pay 5 figures, by implementing the 5 things they specifically look for, even if your offer is priced lower

What allows a quarter million a year business to feel simple, spacious and sustainable

You don't need to sell a 5 figure service to have a thought leader reputation that is SO strong, SO clear, and SO reputable that your clients come to you expecting to pay 5 figures.

P.S. The workshop is ideal for business owners already generating 25k a year from their marketing as it will focus on scaling your existing demand, vs helping you get clear on your offer. If you’re under 25k, we have a new program coming for you in Q3.

This is true even if...

you only use one platform to market, only have one offer, and no professional branding yet

Even if you have ADHD, have children, support your parents, or just generally have your energy going in lots of places

…you can STILL be a thought leader that clients expect to pay five figures to work with, without burning out or losing your whole identity to your business.

I will show you how in this workshop.

This workshop is brought to you by:

A 12-month mastermind for First Gen and WOC who want to become thought leaders with multiple six figure businesses they actually enjoy running, while feeling more grounded and trusting themselves more than ever. Doors to Reclamation will open during the webinar.

Quarter Million Accelerator Days

Doors to Reclamation Mastermind will open during the webinar. By booking your discovery call by May 17th, you'll be invited to one of two Quarter Million Accelerator Days with Mariela. You'll be grouped with other Reclamation members (from both the current + new cohort) who are working on the same milestone as you to either (1) double your current demand, -OR- (2) scale beyond booked out to 250k.

This is only available to those who book their sales call by Friday, May 17th.

48-Hour Exclusive Bonus:

Meet Your Coach

Learn how to grow a peaceful, profitable multiple six figure business you actually enjoy running, without ‘doing the most’ or hinging your whole identity to your income.

Mariela De La Mora

Meet Your Coach

Mariela is an eldest daughter of Mexican immigrants and career marketer who has built a near 7-figure coaching business since 2020 as a breadwinning single mom.

As an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Certified Leadership & Business Coach, Mariela elevates WOC into in-demand thought leaders who make more money by being who they are, but louder. She has worked with 6-7 figure CEOs, and even women leaders in the United Nations. 

By blending her 20 years in marketing with brand psychology and culturally aware, trauma-informed mindset coaching, her clients turn their identity into their competitive advantage.