Wednesday, Nov 29th
12 PST / 3 EST

Double Your Demand Through Thought Leadership

Peacefully grow from $25k to $250k by doing less.

What to focus on at each income stage from 25k to 250k years vs. what to let go of

In this workshop you’ll learn…

How to generate consistent demand through thought leadership and making your specific strengths more visible

How to create a movement people want to share and be a part of

How to bounce back faster and repeat your successes

Even if you are only mostly selling via referrals, only use one platform to market, don’t have a group, no professional website or branding, and are “inconsistent” with your marketing…

P.S. The workshop is ideal for CEOs already making 25k a year in their business as it will focus on scaling your existing demand, vs helping you get clear on your offer. If you’re under 25k, Mariela can support you in private coaching but attend the workshop anyway!

Even if you have ADHD, kids, a family, and a 9-5…

Even if you have a strong inner critic or thoughts that you're not doing enough…

…you can STILL grow to multiple six figure years.

I will show you how in this workshop.

This workshop is brought to you by:

A 12-month mastermind for First Gen and WOC who want to become thought leaders with six- and multiple-six-figure demand, without sacrificing their peace or their time. Doors to Reclamation will open during the webinar.

Five Figure Fast Track Group VIP Day

Book your discovery call for Reclamation Mastermind within 48 hours after the workshop. When you join, you’ll receive an invitation to this exclusive group session where Mariela will help you identify 3-4 mindset and strategy shifts, specific to you, that would support a five figure offer. 

This is only available to those who book their sales call by Friday, Dec 1st.

48-Hour Exclusive Bonus:

Meet Your Coach

Learn how to grow a peaceful, profitable business you actually enjoy running, without ‘doing the most’ or hinging your whole identity to your income.

Mariela De La Mora

Meet Your Coach

Mariela is an EQ-Certified Leadership & Business Coach who elevates WOC into in-demand thought leaders who make more money by being who they are, but louder. She has worked with 6-7 figure CEOs, and even women leaders in the United Nations. 

By blending her 20 years in marketing with brand psychology and culturally aware, trauma-informed mindset coaching, her clients turn their identity into their competitive advantage. The concepts she teaches are based on how she has created a 3 ⁄ 4 of a million dollar business since 2020 as a single mom.